Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My favorite

If there's one thing I hate more than anything it's taking my children to the grocery store. I would rather have 10 root canals, any type of gynecological exam, walk down the street naked....maybe even all of those things. THAT'S how much i hate it. That being said, most days I have NO choice. Our recent trip to WalMart was one of those trips. I had to return something before we even started shopping. I am waiting patiently in the not so good customer service line and the boys are playing with that Coinstar machine. They are giggling, and I look over and they are mesmerized by the machine. I was thankful they were entertained for that moment. After a few minutes, I look over and Lawson has his pants halfway down exposing half of his bare hiney, giggling and doing some type of Beyonce (I have no idea where he gets this) booty shake. This is where I would insert the funny picture of my kids rear that i took in WalMart but instead I was kind of pretending they weren't mine and to not document the incident. You get this instead.

I, of course mortified, say very loudly "EXCUSE ME!", (for some reason is my go to phrase when i'm seeing something I do not approve of before I unleash my reprimanding) which was not the best choice of words since everyone at and around the customer service counter turned around to look at me and then sees my delightful child's hiney. It was a proud moment. I should have gone home right then. We finish at customer service just when I realize I am without my list!! GAH!! THEN I should have gone home, but i didn't. I continued to race around the store trying to remember everything I could while these 3 goofballs must be on a ridiculous sugar high. Nonetheless they were trying my patience! After all the whining, asking for things, going to the bathroom, being thirsty and hungry, fighting and smacking each other... we finally get to the counter to unload the groceries. Lawson looks at me and says, "Can we get out?" I give him the death stare and in a really growly voice say NOOOO! That was the quietest they had been the entire trip!!

The next day I dropped Lawson off at school and took Brody for his eye appointment with Dr. Hunter. But first they got dressed for cowboy day at school!!

I know I'm biased and all but seriously...no cuter cowboys exist. :) Lawson got to enjoy cowboy day while Brody and I waited. And waited....and waited some more.

Sweet Brody. I always enjoy a little one on one time with my guys since it's so rare, but usually they don't know what to do with themselves!! 2 Hours of kisses and hugs from my sweet boy...yes 2 hours of waiting, we finally see the doctor. Long story short, Brody will be getting glasses and we will continue patching him several hours a day. I have been trying to pump him up and tell him how incredibly handsome and cool he will look, so that hopefully he cooperates. We tried once when he was about 8 months and it did not go well, at all. So far he seems to like the idea and has told several friends that he has to get glasses. Hopefully he is just as cooperative when he is actually having to wear them! I finally was able to get Brody back to school for a whole hour where I think his teacher got a few pictures. I can't wait to see them! The boys love to dress up! I have one who likes to dress up and look like a man, and the other 2 just love to dress up in costumes. When putting the twins to bed they both said, "Mama can we be cowboys tomorrow?!" :)


  1. Savannah got her first glasses at 3 yr old & did great with them! I bet Brody will be a trooper for it, too!

  2. I'm sorry, but I absolutely laughed out loud. I know how you feel about the grocery store too.

  3. Once upon a time, I knew this girl who blogged. And then she stopped several months ago.

    I wonder whatever happened to her. (wink!)