Friday, July 17, 2009

How's this for a blessing?

Where do I start? Well...the boys and I needed to downsize. I won't get into details but it was necessary. Luckily we only had to move down the road. My great friend Heather has been helping me. Really, she's been doing all the organizing, scheduling of everything and everyone wanting to come to help me. I love HEATHER. There I said it. She loves me too. :) LOL. She's laughing right now. Anyway....we had set to have people come over Tuesday to help us move everything out. Monday afternoon she gets a call from Kevin at PineCove. For all of you that don't know what Pine Cove is it's a Christian Camp here in Tyler, TX. They have a group of guys called the Young Guns. The Young Guns is a 5-week program at Pine Cove of high school seniors that want to better themselves and in a sense... become men. They are pushed to the limits physically, emotionally and reconnect with God. It's an amazing program I plan on signing my boys up for when the time comes. :) For more info see this video

Kevin says he has the Young Guns that are ready to come and help with the move. In fact, FIFTEEN young men show up complete with 2 vehicles and two trailers to help. We already had 1 trailer ready to go. I had no idea they were going to bring trailers. Not only were they ready to work, they were already filthy from a days hard work (they arrived at 630 pm) , complete with poison ivy (they had been chopping logs all day) and ready to go some more. The group leader got out of the car, spoke with us about what we needed done and went back to the vehicles and i'm assuming gave them the rundown. They all got out and just went in the house and started bringing everything out into the trailer. I am not exaggerating when I say in less than TWENTY MINUTES these young men had 3 trailers packed from my house. Not just boxes mind you, they had the beds taken apart and everything! It was so amazing to witness these wonderful young men who were not only humble, kind and hard-working, but WANTING to do what they could to help. We provided them with water, coke and cookies. They seemed to be really excited about the soda so i'm assuming it's not allowed at camp! LOL!

Here they are starting to move stuff....

They moved my entire house in less than 3 hours! I'm talking taken furniture apart and put back together in that amount of time. And even more impressive was we had rented a dolly with furniture straps that they NEVER touched. They lifted everything by hand, as a team. The dresser complete with drawers and clothes, the fridge mostly full....everything...they lifted together as a group, as brothers. What a humbling experience for me. I was so amazed at their generosity and kindness and willingness to help. One guy even asked if i please sit down. Haha. Not really my style with 3 young boys. ;) But the thought was so sweet. To say I am so blessed to have these young men come help me in my time of need. What an amazing group of men. What an awesome example of God's work here. Here's some pics of my angels as I call them but they like to be referred to as ....the Young guns.

My friends made me pose for this ......