Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Out of the mouths...

So I'm cooking dinner listening to the boys play Wii.

Lawson: I wanna kiss a girl!
Nolan: You do?! (giggling)

Of course I'm already thinking...oh my gosh, am I already having to worry about this?!

Me: Did Lawson just say he wants to kiss a girl?
Nolan: (laughing) yes!

Me: No, you don't wanna kiss girls Lawson. They have cooties!
Lawson: Whaaat??!!

Then Brody chimes in out of nowhere:
Brody: No mom, girls have gynas!

I about lost it I was laughing so hard.

So apparently blogging is not my thing

Since it's been almost a year since I've updated ANYthing!! Yikes. My dad passed away in May. That was not expected at all, but I am so thankful the boys and I surprised him in April with a visit. I will remember that always, it's such a sweet memory. Let's see...Nolan started first grade. That is huge. It's times like those that I really wish Mark was here to see him off. I always think we're supposed to both be there waving goodbye after walking him to class. Nonetheless, Nolan did great. Even though the night before it took some convincing since he was SURE that in first grade you don't get to play. I convinced him that was not true and that he still would have recess, etc. When I picked him up he was grinning and said his teacher was so sweet and, "Mom, I didn't even make one bad decision!"

The twins will start preschool next week and I've already pretty much decided that they won't start kindergarten next year even though they will be eligible. Their birthdays are the end of July and i just don't think they'll be totally ready, nor do I want them to struggle at all. So 2 more years of preschool to pay for. AGHHH!!!

As for other updates, I have met a wonderful man. :) He is amazing, tall, handsome, can dance, has a HUGE heart, loves the Lord, loves me, and of course the boys. I just never dreamed I would meet someone like him. I feel so, so blessed. He's already met most of the family other than my brother Chris who's in Chicago.

Gotta cut this post short...be back soon!