Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boy Funnies

First of all, there needs to be some sort of invention for urine around the bottom of the toilet in boys bathrooms. Seriously. Just thought I'd put that out there. I am always amazed how that much pee ends up on the floor. I really think i should make the boys sit like girls until they're able to clean the floor themselves. Would that be bad??

I just love these boys to pieces. As much as they drive me nuts, they sure crack me up--DAILY. The twins have been wanting to take showers and wash themselves. So tonight Lawson is in the shower and I yell, "Are you washing yourself?" "Yep, I am mom!" A few minutes later I peek in the shower. "See mom? I'm washing myself!" Yes, he was washing himself, with Nolan's toothbrush! I of course took it sweetly and told him he had to use his hands, not someone's toothbrush and quietly put the toothbrush away. I'm not sure where he had put that toothbrush, all i saw was him scrubbing his belly. Totally hoping that's all he washed!